Hi fellas!
I'm so glad that i could finally make one new post again, haha! I know i'm that type of lazy-ass blogger who doesn't put much attention to her own blog (yeah, i know). Please accept my apology!

So last week my sister, cousin and me join a camp that was organized by a church in Medan. The camp lasted for 3 days and it was fun! One of the requirements of joining the camp is you have to be a pre-teen or a teen girl (age 13+). The main purpose of the camp was to teach teen girls about "the uniqueness" of being a girl and other girls' stuffs. I must admit that the camp was a blast and i feel so blessed after joining it! 
The first day was kinda awkward because the only people i knew that time was only my sister and my cousin. It's hard for me to easily get along with other people as i'm actually a shy person. But however i still push myself to be a bit sociable because i don't want to be a shy person forever. So we're actually divided into groups based on our ages. I was put in the Lavender group together with Jedi, Windy, Angelia, and our humble facilitator called Ci Meilinda.

We all felt exhausted because of the tight schedule but it was all worth it. The pictures below would probably sum up our activities during the camp. I could only take them on the last day because we're not allowed to use any gadgets during the sessions. 

From left to right: Angelia, Windy, Ci Meilinda, me and Jedi
The main hall of Grand Orri Hotel, Brastagi

It's break time!

My sister's (Vianka) yel yel performance

Taking group photos while enjoying break time
Our failed jump LOL

Pretending to catch the falling tea cup, haha!
The ending session which was located in Pancur Batu
Can you notice me? I'm the one with red nose and puffy cheeks (after crying)! 
Cheers to the best team ever!
At the end of the session, our parents were invited to join us in one of the churches in Pancur Batu. After few minutes of preaching we're told to give a letter to our parents (which has been written during one session at the camp). And then one by one of us began to burst into tears (including me) hahaha. That's the reason why we all have red nose and puffy cheeks on the photos above.

That's all i can share about the camp i joined lately. If you're interested in joining this camp you could visit HERE! :) 




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