Hi! It's so nice to be back again!
On this post i want to share some photos of my trip to Kolam Abadi. If you live in Medan and the surrounding areas you would probably hear the name of this place has been a trending topic. And yes, i went to this place and i have to admit that it's worth all the pain and the bruises. It's hard to believe that a natural yet beautiful place still exist in the middle of the town! 

The water is crystal clear here

We use a friend of my mom's water-resistant camera because it's too risky to bring your cellphones up here.

A mini waterfall in the midst of the beautiful river

A closer look of the waterfall

Coincidentally met my school friends!

The moment just before we have to jump off the cliff

As you can see, we have to climb like this to get to the river. Nerve-wrecking!

We had so much fun!

  • How to go?
    If you're in Medan or the surrounding areas you can take the bus or private cars. First, you have to go to Binjai city and went to Brahrang, then there's a long road direct to the Kolam Abadi. The total time duration needed to reach the place is 2 hours (if you start going from Medan).
    After you arrived you have to walk and climb for about half an hour. If you rent a tour guide service, he'll show you the way and how to climb. The facilities is still inadequate so you have to be extra careful while climbing.
  • What to take?
    There's no need to take so many things as you can't bring your stuffs when climbing. Only some essentials such as clothes, swimsuit, goggle, and sunscreen. Don't forget to bring a water-resistant camera because it's too risky to take your own cellphone.
  • When to go?
    It's very important to check the weather forecast before you go. I advise you not to go when it's raining (eventhough if it's only drizzle of rain) because the footpath will get muddy and super slippery when you climb. Pick a sunny day to visit this place and go earlier to avoid the crowds. Last time we started to go before 7am (from Binjai). Try to manage your time well because the later you go, the more crowded it will be!

That's all the tips i'd like to share with you guys. Hope you have some fun visiting the little Amazon of North Sumatra. See you on the next post!




  1. sounds fun! i love your underwater photos x

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  2. what a beautiful place :D


  3. What a nice trip dear, you guys look so had fun! <3

  4. Wow!!! Looks so fun! Such a beautiful place and I didn't know that there's a place like that in Medan :p definitely would go there sometime

    Deasy Tantra

  5. what a beautiful place!! btw do you mind to follow each other? let me know<3

    xx, angel.

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    Love your look at the last post