(white shirt, animated red tie, self-made plaid skirt, red hat, oxford shoes)

Heyyyhoooo my friends! It's my new outfit post again! I'm so glad everytime a new post is finally uploaded on my blog. I mean like, what's better than that?

Okay, so in this post i'm trying to combine the b&w color with a little touch of red. Although that color red is not worn on my shirt nor my skirt (but only for the accessories), i think it gives a strong impression on my look. 
And i also wear this cute little red tie which i accidentally found from my wardrobe. I still remember i used to wear this tie when i entered the kindergarten. And honestly, i feel like a kid when i wore it on this age. But who cares? As long as i feel comfy and confident i'll try to put anything cool that differs me from the others. Besides, ties are such cool accessory. So, lesson learned: don't ever throw away any of your stuffs, who knows it might be useful in the future?

Anyway, i wanna show this amazing girl behind the lens, that captures almost all of my outfit photos:

Tadaaaa there she is! The girl i meant is the left side one, which called Vianka. And the other one is my youngest sister, Yovanka. I wanna thank both of you for being very helpful for me! And plus, you guys are amazing sisters <3

So here we had came to the end of the post, i also i wanna thank each of you who reads every single post on my blog. It means so much to me.

PS: I'm currently working on a huge project that i will probably show on my next post, so stay tune! keep following my updates from instagram