Hello peeps!

Now its the time to show you what i've been working on all this time. And the secret project is: The making of fashion show costumes from recycled paper!!!!! 
So, me and 4 other designers have been working for 10-12 days to prepare the most creative customes for our Teachers' Day celebration. Since we're given limited budget, we decided to use the brown-colored recycled paper as our main material. The results weren't that bad either, cause we've been working our ass off to give the best for the show.

To answer your curiosity, here are some backstage photos of the SUTOMO1 Teachers' Day fashion show '14 themed Back to 70s before i posted the real fashion show. I kept my promise, didn't i? 

On the D-day, we've successfully gathered a bunch of talented make-up artists and hair stylists to help us with the make up and everything. We're so impressed of how they turn the model's look with their magical hands. Here's my friend, Fiona did the make up for Nadya. 

The room was in a mess, cause we're all super busy with our own work.

Believe it or not, we're all feeling nervous that time. Especially when the negative thoughts popped out in our mind: What if the show didn't turn out well? What if we ran out of time to do the make-up, hair do and the fitting? 

The model - Johanna
Looking sophisticated with her glittery make up.

Apparently, we're making costumes within 10 days for a show that lasted for 15 minutes, haha. But when the show went well and we received a round of applause, we (the designers) felt really satisfied.

Yay! Now we're ready to gooooo!

The models practiced one last time before the show. We all felt really nervous that time.

Beautiful Vanessa in her European lady look-alike dress. 

The total models were 15. 13 are females and the rest are males. 
We had 12 make-up artists and hairstylists in total, while the designer team consists for 5 people.

Last minutes before the show. 

Here's what happened at the backstage after the show. I can say that all the models have done their best to pull off our recycled paper costumes! The same goes to those incredible make-up artists and hairstylists. Without them, the show wouldn't be that successful. 

It's been 9 days since that unforgettable experience, but i still haven't get rid of that excited feeling. Stay tuned peeps, cause i'm gonna blog another post about The Fashion Show, until next time! 



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