(Topshop t-shirt, red jegging, sneakers, Esprit bag)

Hi guys. 
I am getting busier and busier since the first day of school, that i almost forget to post these shots we've taken last year. (sigh) Projects and assignments are coming every week. But nevermind, i'll do my best for keep posting on this blog.

As you can see, i'm wearing a jegging which is unusual to all of you. I love to wear skirts, especially those with colorful colors or patterns. But that doesn't stop me from wearing pants in a regular basis. In fact, i freakin' love to wear long pants like jegging or legging to courses, airports, or simply when i hang out with my friends. 

Also, i developed a simple technique to deal with my long hair. In the picture above, you can see that my hair is tied up with a red fabric. That is actually a headband, which i twist facing downward on my hair. It's pretty easy right? Hope it's useful for readers with long hair :)


Photographed by Daniel Kwan

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