(self-manufactured birthday dress, gold metalic shoes, yellow headpiece)

"I am so happyyyyy!"
Yes. That was my feeling when i celebrated my last 17th birthday. Maybe i need another word to describe my feeling. SUPER HAPPY.

This impromptu post was shot by my friends after my birthday brunch. It was quite fun, although some of my friends couldn't make it to my party. About this dress, it was designed and sewed during the last days of my birthday, which is really nerve-wrecking. I keep on worrying whether this dress will be finished right in time or not. But thank God i can make it!

I chose yellow and blue as the theme of my birthday brunch bcs both colors tend to symbolize happiness and most importantly, youth. As i'm still a teenager, i'd like to wear anything that represents my age. I also add this big yellow bow to complete my look. Hm, what do you think?


Photographed by Anastasia and Nadya Chen 

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  1. Hi! I had read ur blog n found out that you are a talented fashion designer. Stay creative, Ivanka!

    Ur greatest admirer