Turned 17 last December.
Celebrated it with my close friends in local cozy cafe with super unique interior. It's a birthday brunch, with yellow daisy and blue theme. I was beyond happy. Couldn't ask for more.

Family members who joined me in my birthday celebration. All of them were so helpful!

The table setting was done on the last minutes, with the help of friends and family. Some of the party props were supplied by my friends. Thankyou!

Oh yes, the cake! Designed by me, made by EURO kitchen. It suits perfectly with my birthday theme, isn't it?

Those party props pom-poms are so beautiful, made by my creative gal Nadya.

Cakepops and biscuits were from Mom's kitchen. Super fancy!

These two have helped me a lot during the party. Feel grateful to have them around.

A closer look of the candy corner table setting prepared by mom. 

In the end of the party, my friends surprised me with a big heavy box, wrapped in a fancy paper. So happy to see that it was actually a brand new sewing machine! Can't literally describe how i feel. You guys know me best.

Another gift from my aunt and cousins. An artwork made from clay and fabrics, presenting my passion towards fashion. Had to admit that I really like it!

It was amazing. Nothing beats the grateful feeling of having your loved ones around on your special day. And all these blue & yellow party props that complete the atmosphere. I enjoy the whole process, from the making of my dress, cake designing, party props shopping. It was indeed tiring, but worth it. 

I personally want to thank all of you who came to my birthday brunch. It was the best thing to be able to celebrate it with you. And also thank you for all the gifts and lovely wishes. Those meant so much to me. One last time, thank you!


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