Imma do it, do it
Like i wanna do it
You gon' know me like
You ain't never know me before

Guess who's my new celeb crush? Karminnn!

Recently, the American duo went to Indonesia for a performance in a TV channel anniversary. They sang 4 songs in total: Brokenhearted, Hello, Superbass and Acapella

They both killed the stage that night. 
Amy looked gorgeous in her short fresh haircut, while Nick (as usual) acted cool!
I knew Karmin since "Brokenhearted" was released in iTunes. Well, at that time i only knew a girl-with-a-suicide-roll and her boyfriend who sang hip hop songs. But, months and years passed, and their songs are just getting better!

I guess this post sums up my huge crush on Karmin. Follow their instagram account guys @karminmusic, hehe. Bye now!


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