Few weeks before i went to Bali, me and mom visited Kuala Lumpur for a few days. Our main purpose is to visit my future college (yes! i'm going to KL for my study). Can you guess which fashion school i'm attending?

After visiting the college, we got a chance to go for a walk around the city. This is the view outside Pavilion at night. It was damn crowded, filled with people from various backgrounds.

If you're going to Pavilion mall, i highly recommend you to try this mouth-watering teppanyaki!!! Located on the 3rd floor (if i'm not mistaken). The chef himself cooks it in front of you before serving it on your table. 

Street food is always a good idea. We bought this coconut icecream topped with red bean, corn, cereal, and serondeng (Malaysian spices) at the Alor street. 

Terrified and amazed. Knowing that i'll be sitting in one of those chairs one day. Listening to lectures and trying to pursue my dreams.

A picture of me and my mom. I think she looks more like my sister, isn't she?

I looooooooove candies. And this is one of the reasons i love going to KLIA, hehe! They sell a lot of types of sweets, also chocolate. The candy store also look as cute as the candies they sell. What a unique interior design!

That's all peeps.
See ya on my next post!


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  1. what a great moment you had. I guess you are going to raffles or lasale?

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