Hi lovelies!
I realized my recent blog posts has been bombarded with something not related to ootd photos. So i decided to make one with last year's leftover photos. Tbh, i don't feel like seeing myself in these pictures (lol). If you follow me on my instagram, you might notice my look has changed. First, my hair style. And second, my style. At first i thought it's not a significant change, but certain people do notice it. Some people even can't recognize me after i got back from 4 months of studying in KL.

There was a time when i developed huge crush on cute, feminine looks. Short skirts, cute dungarees, printed colorful tops, i once collected them all. But now i don't feel like buying these kind of stuffs when i go shopping. I'm more into basic colors like black, white, or brown, anything not too eye catching. I don't really know why but it just happened. I guess we all need some changes in life, don't we?

basic white shirt
short skirt polka overall
stripes slip ons
Naughty yellow beret hat

This cheeky smile picture that you might not find in my future self. Sometimes i felt like things happen too quickly that we all should just stop and think about it for a moment. Life goes on, but sometimes we need to stop and choose which direction to go.

Till next time,


  1. och, perfect outfit!
    Great shoes :)

  2. I love that pop of colour with the yellow beret!! Adorable outfit, girly!xx


  3. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  4. Such a fun look! x


  5. So adorable look! loveee your hat you're so cuteee :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    A Little Color
    Kindly read my fashion tips here :

    Thankyou ^o^

  6. You look super cute with that hat! >_<
    Visit mine ❤️
    Flower or Crepe?