It's My Birthday!

Two weeks ago i was turning 19.

Probably my last year of being a teenager. Time flies so fast that you only realize you're already 19 years existing and surviving in the planet. It was another year of getting older, but this year was quite different. This year, I learned so much through the ups and downs, meeting a lot of amazing people, discovering what i really like. 

As i looked back, i realize the things that used to dragged me down is actually lifting me up. Even the bad experiences are the ones that keeps me going, to keep improving myself and strive for the best. No moment is really wasted, as they are part of my journey. Today, I wanna take a second to thank each one of you who choose to stay through the rough times, and creating such beautiful paths in my life. I am never gonna be who I am without those around me, so grateful for each one of you. 

And as we get older, time is never enough for everybody. People change, things don't stay the same. Let's take a moment to appreciate what we have today, and live life to the fullest.



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  1. Why am I being the devil? ����
    Hahaha, Happy burfdayyy gurl ������